High performance C++ framework for concurrent servers
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 NseastarSeastar API namespace
 NstdSTL namespace
 Capply_helper< Func, Tuple, std::index_sequence< I... > >
 Cbasic_semaphoreCounted resource guard
 Ccondition_variableConditional variable
 Cdirectory_entryA directory entry being listed
 Cfair_queueFair queuing class
 Cfile_input_stream_optionsData structure describing options for opening a file input stream
 Cfunction_traits< Ret(*)(Args...)>
 Cfunction_traits< Ret(Args...)>
 Cfunction_traits< Ret(T::*)(Args...) const >
 Cfunction_traits< Ret(T::*)(Args...)>
 Cfunction_traits< T & >
 CfutureA representation of a possibly not-yet-computed value
 CfuturizeConverts a type to a future type, if it isn't already
 Cis_futureCheck whether a type is a future
 Cis_smart_ptr< std::unique_ptr< T > >
 Cis_smart_ptr<::foreign_ptr< T > >
 Cis_smart_ptr<::lw_shared_ptr< T > >
 Cis_smart_ptr<::shared_ptr< T > >
 Cprefetcher< 0, RW, LOC >
 CpromisePromise - allows a future value to be made available at a later time
 Cpromise< void >Specialization of promise<void>
 Creducer_traits< T, decltype(std::declval< T >().get(), void())>
 Creducer_with_get_traits< T, false >
 Creducer_with_get_traits< T, true >
 Crepeat_until_value_type_helper< future< std::experimental::optional< T > > >Type helper for repeat_until_value()
 Cserver_socketA listening socket, waiting to accept incoming network connections
 Cshared_futureLike future except the result can be waited for by many fibers
 Cshared_promiseLike promise except that its counterpart is shared_future instead of future
 Cshared_ptr_make_helper< T, false >
 Cshared_ptr_make_helper< T, true >
 Csleep_abortedException that is thrown when application is in process of been stopped